Georgia O’Keeffe Stationary:


One of my closest friends lives on a rural farm and doesn’t have access to the Internet, so this summer he has been sending me and two other friends letters to communicate.  I found this beautiful box set in a local bookstore within walking distance of my apartment.  I love it!  I’m thinking about going back and buying a few more different sets because they’re so fun!

Forever 21 Black Bag:


I committed a shopper’s mortal sin last week.  I looked at a bag out of my price range.  Like, $300 out of my price range.  Luckily, the heavens smiled down on me and I found a similar bag at Forever 21 for much cheaper.  It might be fake leather and not as sturdy, but the style is very close and it does the job.  Lesson learned.

Paperblanks: Mirror Jewel


I’m always looking for new notebooks and pens because I prefer to write down quotes, notes and thoughts on paper instead of on my phone.  I was instantly drawn to this notebook that’s inspired by the Mughal Empire floral patterns and stones that was often seen in their architecture.  It’s super sleek and the perfect size for a bag/taking notes on the go.

iLID MK-1:

My boyfriend likes shopping on KickStarter, which is a website where people sell their new projects/products.  This one is a phone case that opens in the back so you can store money, cards or even a spare key without carrying a purse!

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