IMG_3493Today, SB and I moved to Ohio!  He had an interview, so we decided to take a few gifts and things I had already packed with us.  This is a photo of him returning from his interview that I took from our balcony on our second floor.  He said the interview went well, but he’ll find out next Monday if he got the job–keep him in your prayers!

IMG_8828Here’s an overall shot of most of the downstairs of the townhouse.  The front door is on the left and to the right is a small balcony and the fireplace!!  The dining room and kitchen are to the left.


Here’s another view of the balcony.


Here’s the view from the balcony.


And the door leading back into the living room.


I think we’re going to put the TV and a bookshelf on this back wall.


I used boxes as placeholders for where I want a sofa, chair, and TV stand.


I think a chair would look good where the suitcase is and a sofa where the box is.  SB thinks an L shaped sofa would look good instead.  Still uncertain.


This is the dining room.  I think we’ll get a cafe style table and a small upright china cabinet from Ikea.  Not sure when we’ll be able to afford all of this, so we may be eating off the floor for a few weeks. 😉


View of the dining room from the kitchen.  Also notice the Trader Joe’s hand soap, my aunt and cousin gave that to me at my bridal shower.  It smells AMAZING.


The toaster oven is set up!  SB and I decided that we either needed a toaster oven or a toaster, not both.  I grew up with a toaster and he grew up with the oven, but because I don’t really toast my bread, we chose the oven.  Can’t wait to try new recipes with this!


Getting the kitchen ready!


Off of the kitchen is a small laundry/pantry room.  We bought two small hooks to hang these cute grocery bags I got at the bridal shower!


Assembling a small shelving unit for canned goods and other pantry things.  I took a picture of the shelves which held a few cleaning supplies, but it must have gotten deleted.  I’ll do an updated post in two weeks when we go to move in the rest of our things.


The upstairs of the townhouse.


View of the stars from the master bedroom.


The master bedroom has a cute writing desk!  I’m excited to find an accent chair to put with it.  I saw a few cool ones at Target, but I’ll probably wait until we get the bedspread and bedroom set before I buy anything.


From the other side of the room.


SB’s closet.


Master bathroom view from my closet.  My mom gave me that cute basket at the bridal shower–I love it!!


The bathtub has kind of a heaven-y glow because there’s a skylight above it!


Bathroom mirror and vanity behind me.


My closet.


Second bedroom has a balcony!


Second bathroom attached to spare bedroom.


We stopped to get coffee and a super sugary drink before heading back to Indy!








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