Little Havana is a district within Miami filled with cigar and tourist shops lining painted streets.

Every few minutes a tourist bus stops in front of Domino Park where around 100, mostly older Cuban men, play dominos under large canopies. It’s fairly small and crowded with almost every seat filled with people playing, an occasionally person watching, and a consistent group of people walking around the perimeter of the park spectating and taking pictures.

Taking travel photos is always difficult for me because I never want to treat someone’s home as a spectacle. I cringe when I see photographers treat someone’s everyday life as a breaking news event without establishing any respect. My style is to make the subjects comfortable with my presence, or at least grow tired of caring, rather than barging in without the introduction. Developing this type of relationship takes time, which I don’t have a lot of while traveling. I decided to sit on one of the benches in the park with my cousin and just take the moment in instead.

Before leaving Little Havana, I noticed a group of men playing dominos in an air conditioned barbershop away from tourists.

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