Downtown Manhattan from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Immediate reactions 

  1. New York is beautiful. I love the monochromatic colors at dusk.
  2. The Hudson reminds me of The Sopranos and GTA Liberty City.

Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry.

When they opened up the industrial doors to let people onto the ferry, I ran with my camera to make sure I got a good spot. It was my Amazing Race moment.

Central Park

What Surprised Me

I sat down on a bench to watch a group of older men play softball.  About 10 minutes in, the two teams broke into a physical fight over whose turn it was to bat. One of the men walked by me and the other bystanders yelling, “This is just a test. You’ve been pranked. Ashton Kutcher is hiding in the bushes!” to diffuse the tension.

Fourth of July, New Jersey

Favorite Memories

  1. Sangbin came to visit for the Holiday weekend.
  2. We watched the fireworks from Jersey City to avoid the crowds in New York. From our location we could see the Statue of Liberty.
  3. The fireworks in Jersey City, at the Statue, Brooklyn Bride, and Midtown all went off at the same time. Someone behind us yelled, “Yeah! Jersey’s are better!!”


Modern Museum of Art

Favorite Spot

  1. The outdoor marble courtyard. It was quiet and felt like an outdoor extension of the museum. My favorite piece of art was a sculpture of a woman whose head was an actual beehive.

Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village

Immediate Reactions

  1. This feels like the location of every romantic comedy I’ve ever seen.
  2. *Googles addresses to find out how much the rent is*

Back to Ohio

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