1. Jasper & Jeera Clutch| Anthropologie

Why I Love It: The color blocking and beads give the bag a unique look. The size also makes it work alone as a clutch or a pouch in a  larger bag.

2. Moleskine | Barnes & Nobles

Why I Love It: The size makes it ideal for carrying around in a bag. I write notes and sketch in this during downtime in the car or airport.

3. Slim Line OHTO NBP – 5A3 | On Paper

Why I Love It: I really don’t like my own handwriting, but I find it tolerable when I use an ultra fine tip pen. This one by Slim Line gives my writing a clean look.  I also love the gold finish.

4. iPhone 6 Plus | Apple

Why I Love It: The large screen is ideal for reading long articles, scrolling through Instagram, and watching TV. I still don’t understand why so many people complained about the 6 Plus size – I have no desire to go back to a smaller screen.

5. High Tea | Mac

Why I Love It: Works for any occasion, which is nice when you’re trying to pack light on vacation. It’s a nude color with a lustre finish.

6. Instax Mini 90 | Amazon

Why I Love It: Besides it being really cool to have retro style prints – I love this camera because it’s so great at bringing people together. I like to give this camera to someone at a party and let them take whatever pictures they want. Before everyone leaves for the night, I let everyone choose which pictures they’d like to keep for themselves.

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