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On Saturday, Sangbin and I celebrated our first year of marriage!  We went to the park and had a picnic dinner of Italian sandwiches, lime & mint watermelon, and a strawberry cake.

Every year with Sangbin has been better than the last, and I feel that we both have learned so many lessons in particular this past year. We decided to read the letters we wrote each other for our wedding day out loud. It was very sweet, but also affirming how those words we had written were still, if not more, true today.

After we ate dinner and blew out the candle on our cake, we played a few card games that we used to play in high school.

Shortly after, we heard some cheers from behind us. A man had just proposed to his girlfriend and the cheers we heard, were their friends watching from the top of the hill. It was so cool to be on the edge of that moment, while we were celebrating our wedding anniversary.

Do you have any traditions for your anniversary?


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