Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.55.34 PM1. Work Bag | Fossil

Why I Love It: The graphic design and durability. I usually wear very plain clothes, so I think that having a bold printed bag makes my outfits more interesting.

2. Blank Page Journal | Anthropologie

Why I Love It: Hardcover journals feel more durable and travel well in between my bags and meetings. I also really like that all the pages are blank. It gives me a lot of freedom when I’m working to sketch out ideas or make lists. The cute design on the front also gets a lot of compliments. 🙂

3. Lint Roller | Target

Why I Love It: I have two cats. And long hair. And am very messy.

4. Ultra Slim Gold Pen |On Paper

Why I Love It: It’s so elegant and I feel like my handwriting is better with fine tip pens.

5. Saint Maria Goretti Cloth Relic Badge | Family Friend

Why I Love It: I received this as a gift when I was very young (I think five or six) because my name is Maria. It’s something I always carry with me.

6. Cow Envelope (chapstick, lotion, & rosary) | Honest Carry Goods

Why I Love It: The black and white colors and texture. It’s also the perfect size for small items that are easy to get lost in a big bag.

7. Polaroid of me & Sangbin | Family Party

Why I Love It: Happy memory with family.

8. Wallet | Coach

Why I Love It: Sangbin bought this for me as a gift after we had been married for a month. I also love how durable it is and the black and gold colors.

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