Sarangi (left) and Fraulein (right) 


Where did Sangbin get Sarangi?

Sangbin got her from a cat adoption place after he decided he wanted to raise a kitten. The adoption center was unusual because the cats were not kept in cages, so it was a little overwhelming walking into a small building with ~100 loose adult cats!

How did she get her name?

Sa Rang means “love” in Korean. Sangbin’s dad suggested the name and we thought that it fit.

Why is she his cat?

They do everything together! She follows him around and runs to the door when he gets home. They also both enjoy napping in the sun.


Where did I get Fraulein?

I got Frau from a farm in Indiana. In college, a few friends and I went to pick pumpkins and ended up spending several hours making friends with the farmers and meeting their horses, pony, cows, and farm cats. They told me that Frau (known Mama at the time) was meant to be an indoor cat and that I could have her if I wanted.

I had always wanted a cat and took her home. Once we got home, I noticed that she was covered in fleas and her fur was very coarse and matted, which I hadn’t noticed when I took her because it had gotten dark. She received several baths with anti-flea cat shampoo, a lot of brushing and has been with me ever since!

How did she get her name?

A friend named her after a character in a theatre production she was working on and the name just seemed fitting.

Why is she my cat?

We’ve been together the longest! We’ve lived in more houses and apartments than even me and Sangbin.

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