Kimball Marzipan Tortoise 

Annette Petal Tortoise

Durand Whiskey Tortoise

Warby Parker Home Try-On

I’ve been meaning to get new glasses for nearly six months, but haven’t found a pair that I really liked. I received five home try-ons from Warby Parker in March (see the video I made about them), but didn’t end up choosing any of them.

I requested five new ones this week and love them so much more! Sangbin and I went to our favorite house in the neighborhood that has a bamboo privacy forest around their yard to take pictures of my top three favorite frames. It started to downpour, but I actually like how they turned out. I’m between the Annette Petal Tortoise and the Durand Whiskey Tortoise ones.

Which ones do you like best?

3 thoughts on “NEW GLASSES

  1. I really like the Durand Whiskey Tortoise. Also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! There is some info on my last blog post, if you’re interested !

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