Shirt: J.Crew (Men’s) | Slacks: Banana Republic | Heels: Target

Note: Today, Sangbin and I started on our next video project! Last night I mapped out the project, estimated the time for each sequence, and penciled in some dates to get it done – the entire thing should be up on YouTube by the end of the month!

Even though it’s still really warm in Ohio, I’m looking forward to transitioning my capsule wardrobe over to chunky sweaters and boots. I feel like you can get away with walking around in giant blankets masked as sweaters in the fall and winter. We’re not quite there yet…but I did get to wear Sangbin’s shirt, which I think is a good first step.

While we were out shooting video, we stumbled upon the house behind me. I was drawn to it because it reminded me of an old time western store front. The second story had a large window with chicken wire covering it. I wish I could tour the houses and apartments in our neighborhood – based off of their curb aesthetic, I’m sure they’re amazing on the inside. 🙂

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