Actual Oversized Sweater: H&M | My Husband’s Sweatpants: PacSun | Ankle Boots: Sperry
I hesitated if I should post this outfit set because it’s so unglamourous, but in the spirit of documenting my closet as it relates to life, I figured I should. 

Sangbin and I go out to brunch almost every Saturday morning, and since moving downtown, it’s turned into a tradition where we walk through neighborhoods and alleyways to get to our destination.

Today, I woke up a few hours later than I had intended. (Really, 6:30am on a Saturday was just unrealistic, but I tend to be overly optimistic of my ability to wake up early.) 

After a quick shower, I pulled out the largest sweater I own, purchased on an impulse last fall when Fabi and I were not properly dressed for the temperature. I started to reach for skinny jeans, but then took a pair of Sangbin’s sweat pants as a more comfortable option.

These photos were taken on our walk to brunch in front of a school. We had several early morning walkers give us strange looks, but I’m hoping that those will start to decline as we take photos and videos more and more frequently. 

What are your weekend morning traditions?


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