Shirt: American Apparel | Lipstick: Nars Cruella 
I look forward to weekends because for the most part, it’s a gaurenteed two days free for projects. Generally, I get over ambitious with ideas and either try to do too many things or get overwhelmed and end up just binge watching a show or YouTube channel. 

This afternoon I was browsing Pinterest trying to find inspiration for creating a vintage braid look and ended up doing this simple double French braid pigtail. I like it because it kept the hair out of my face and still looks a little different from the typical single French braid. 

If you read my earlier post you’ll know I was watching The Village on Friday and was really inspired by the late 1800s hairstyles. I really love how women styled their long hair in that era because it looks so put together while still protecting the hair from heat. I’m planning on trying out a few more for this fall – stay tuned! 🙂

Question for you: what is inspiring your style right now?  


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