This is a simple three strand braid that works well for both work and the weekend. I like that this braid stops about halfway down the ponytail and incorporates a few pieces to cover the hair elastic – I think this makes it look a little more interesting than the typical braid you usually see.

Step 1: Brush tangles out of hair.

Step 2: Make a ponytail using a clear elastic and leave out two strands  around the face (about half an inch wide). These strands will be used at the end to wrap around the clear elastic.

Step 3: Braid the ponytail for about three to four cross overs (or halfway down the ponytail). I decided to pull the strands out a little bit to make my hair look thicker – this is of course optional depending on what kind of look you’re trying to achieve.


Step 4: Take the right strand and wrap it over the clear elastic and pin into place with a bobby pin (if possible – use bobby pins in a similar color to your hair). Take the left strand and wrap it under the elastic and pin into place.


Tip: You may want to add some hair spray to the top to make sure it doesn’t slip during the day!




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