About four days ago we moved to NYC in a U-Haul truck from Ohio!! I’ve wanted to move to New York since I first visited it when I was 18 (read about that experience, here).

We took shifts driving the 15ft – it was a little scary. I almost knocked the side mirror off at a toll booth and we got pulled over by a New York officer for accidentally driving in a car-only lane! Meep. Thankfully, he let us go without a ticket probably because we were so obviously new to the area.

Now that all of our stuff is in the apartment and the boxes are unpacked, we’ve finally had a bit of time to decompress and embrace our new home.

Our two cats Frau and SaRang have adjusted fairly quickly! I was nervous that they would be miserable after the 9 hour car ride, but once they found their cat trees in the new apartment, they were just fine. 🙂 There are lots of windows for them to look out and watch the flocks of pigeons soaring through the alleys in between the apartment buildings.

Please let me know if you’ve moved to NYC (or any new city) and what your experiences we’re like! I’d love to hear them.




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