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Check out my last post 5 Steps to Build a Capsule Wardrobe.

I personally prefer to store my wardrobe using a clothing rack because it’s an easy way to see everything together and assure that your colors and styles go well together. It’s also not as easy to hide items, which really holds you accountable to keeping things neat! (As a slob, I need storage to be as simple and easy as possible! If I have the opportunity to shove things in closets or drawers – I will) XD

My clothing rack is organized by color because it makes it easier for me to put an outfit together in the morning. I also think it’s more pleasing to the eye when things are organized by color. (That might just be me, but I think it looks sloppy otherwise)

Clothing that is out of season is stored in an under the bed storage box. I don’t switch out my wardrobe once per season because, at least in New York, the seasons tend to transition slowly. (Example: It’s been both 40 and 70 degrees this week hahaha). I’ll take a few items out when it feels right.

Style Worksheet #2

I take joy in a well organized room / home! It sounds so lame (seriously, I stayed home to clean for an entire day over the weekend), but have an organized closet makes me feel so much better. The questions below are an exercise to help you figure out which storage / organization system works best for you – there are no right or wrong answers. Don’t take it too seriously. Take it several times over several periods of time. I’ve included my answers to help you get started!

  1.  What kind of space are you working with?

A small (but BEAUTIFUL)  apartment in NYC built in the 1930s when apparently wardrobes were pretty small / closets weren’t a priority. We have one small closet in the bedroom. We use it to store our socks, pajamas, unders, and workout clothes. Check out a tour of my closet here. 

2.  What can you afford right now?

Simple, but well designed clothing racks. I bought this one from Urban Outfitters on sale for around $130. I really like it because it has two shelves where I store some of my more attractive shoes and my massive mother-of-pearl jewelry box from South Korea. Sangbin liked my clothing rack so much that he decided to get one…so now we have two! Our bedroom is actually just a walk-in closet with a bed now. XD

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