Our Trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island





As you guys may have seen from our weekend vlog (watch here and start the video around 3:40), Sangbin and I went the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island this weekend!

In the vlog you saw us trying (unsuccessfully) to find my great grandfathers who traveled from Europe to the United States in the 1880s and 1900s. I was so excited to find them and learn more about their voyage and was really disappointed when we couldn’t find them. The vlog ended on kind of a sad note, but I have a happy update! My mom found out more information about their departure and was able to find them in the system! It turns out that for one of my great grandfathers, they misspelled his name and the other one came through Castle Clinton, which is where immigrants came before Ellis Island opened in the 1890s.

Since we discovered the error in their documents, mom is able to formally request a correction for my great grandfather’s name, which I know would make my grandpa happy if he were still alive.

I’m so excited to learn more about their trip over to the United States and what they did when they got here! From some of the first few articles I’ve read, it looks like it was pretty gnarly (a 9 day journey for one and a 17 day journey by ship for the other).

I wasn’t really expecting to discover so much about my family’s history on a touristy weekend in the city, but now I’m inspired to start learning more about where my family came from and their experiences.





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