Hi, my name is Maria.

24 year old living a simple happy life in New York City working as a full-time analyst and capsule wardrobe blogger on the side.


  1. Where are your glasses from? Durand in Whiskey Tortoise from Warby Parker
  2. What are your cats’ names? The black and white cat is Sarangi (means ‘love’ in Korean – Sangbin’s dad named her) and the calico cat is Fraulein (means miss in German) Read more about them and their stories, here.
  3. Where are your overalls from? Madewell
  4. What equipment do you use? Nikon d7000 with 24mm 1.4 sigma lens and DJI OSMO
  5. Where are you from? Born in New York, raised in Indiana, and currently living in New York

Current Projects:

  • 1 Dress, 1 Month
  • Capsule Wardrobe Lookbooks
  • Interesting People Interviews

Things I like:

I like walled-in gardens,  Dolly Parton, card games, fireplaces in bedrooms, long conversations about documentaries I’ve seen on Netflix, black coffee, people who cook food for me, dancing to Bollywood hits, Tennessee barbecue, roasted almonds you buy from street vendors on the streets of New York and then eating them while on the subway, accordion music, The Sound of Music, vintage photo albums, and a whole bunch of things.


PO Box 615
New York, NY 10032

Instagram | Lookbook | Pinterest | Youtube: goldzipperr

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5 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hi there! I love your blog! Also… do you know where your friend got that antique vatican music box? My great-grandparents emigrated here from Sicily, and they had the same exact one! I’ve been looking for one like it (happy memories and all) 🙂

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